Anti Wordle

Anti Wordle is a game played in daily mode. If you have played Wordle and you feel that winning is too easy, you won't be able to stop playing and want to try this creative and challenging online word puzzle game where you will try to lose words with fewer clues.


Unlike Wordle, this game will not guess the word but you have to try not to guess the word correctly. The program simply intercepts your used letters and forces you to try to put them in the correct order, which makes it very difficult to guess the hidden word these days in crosswords.


If you have understood the rules and how to play, the game will show a certain amount of time that you have solved it and what are you trying.


How to play Anti Wordle? 


You have to follow certain rules, and the requirement to use words already in the dictionary makes the game's resolution more difficult. If you try it you will notice that it is more difficult than other word games. However, it still quickly became famous on the Internet.


  • If a letter in the correct position is shown in red, you must place the next word with that letter in that position.
  • If the letter appears in yellow, it means that you will have to use that letter in the next word, but must not put it in the same position where you used it the first time.
  • If all the letters are blue, you won't be able to use them in the next word because you already know they don't exist.
  • In anti-sword, your goal is to lose.


Win and share the results with your friends now.


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