Lewdle is one of the most popular puzzle games in recent times. Lewdle game is a fun and challenging word guessing game. The aim of the game is to find the hidden words in each contest. This game requires players to use all their knowledge of vocabulary and use their memory to summarize the final answer in each challenge.

If you are a Wordle game lover then you are probably too familiar with the gameplay of this game. However, unlike the Wordle game that only allows the use of common words, the Lewdle game is more about rude or naughty words.


How to play Lewdle?


The game rules are very simple. In the Lewdle game, you have to guess the word in up to 6 attempts. Type a valid word and press Enter to submit the word, the letter colors will change. The color of the crosswords will change to suggest you how close you are to the correct word:

  • Green - the correct letter and in the right place.
  • Yellow - the letter is correct but not in its correct position.
  • Gray - no such letter.


Hints And Tips


To complete the task as quickly as possible in this word search game, the most important thing you need is a rich vocabulary, especially words in a fun style. Repeat 6-digit words on the same topic with fun. Filling in the blanks with the word containing the most vowels is a useful trick. Because it will be the most accurate suggestion for you in the next turns and find the correct word fastest.


With a vocabulary of knowledge and intelligence in your head, you will surely find the answers quickly and win the highest score. Play now

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