Foodle is a language game of guessing a mysterious word on the topic of food of the day. Every day you will have six guesses of the word food. If you are a fan of all things food and cooking, we believe you will love Foodle.


In Foodle, you have to guess a word, guess a word about different cuisine every day. The game is relatively simple if you are a cooking lover. Each guess must be a valid word related to food consists of five letters. After each guess, the color of the boxes will change to indicate how close you are to the word.


If the word is correct, Foodle will show you the time remaining for the next word guess. Then the game gives you the option to share on social networks to show off to your friends. The game can only be played once a day with 6 turns. After 6 turns you have to wait the next day to continue playing. 


How to play Foodle?


At the beginning of the game you have to enter a valid 5-letter word related to the food theme. 

  • Guess a word of today in 6 tries. 
  • After each guess, the color of the crosswords will change to let you know how close you are to the word you guessed. 
  • Press enter button to submit. 


Guess the correct word of the day with the least number of tries and get a high score, then you can share your score with your friends.

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