Octordle is a word puzzle game similar to the legendary Wordle game. Unlike Wordle, this game requires the player to guess a total of 8 words in 13 attempts, while Wordle the player has to solve a word in a maximum of six attempts. The difficulty is 8 times more when the player has to solve all eight horizontal words at once. Now, many word puzzle lovers have a new option with the game Octordle.


Currently the game has two modes available for players:

  • Daily Octordle: User can play a single puzzle game once in a 24 hour period, user up to 13 attempts to guess the correct word. If the user does not find the correct answer, he or she will not be able to solve the puzzle of the day.
  • Free Octordle: If you complete a single puzzle, you will get a new puzzle. No daily limit, user can solve unlimited number of puzzles in a day.


How to play Octordle ?


If you've ever played Wordle, you'll quickly get used to Octordle. They have similar rules. You have a total of 13 guesses to find 8 correct words. After each guess, color hints will appear on the letters and keyboard to help solve the puzzle.

  • Choose daily or free game mode
  • Type any word to start the game, press enter button to submit
  • Blue means - The word is in the word and in the correct position.
  • Yellow means - The word is in the word but in the wrong place.
  • Gray or colorless - The letter is not in the word anywhere.


This game is a top best online game available on the internet for users to play for free on computer. Play this Octordle puzzle to challenge your brain anytime, anywhere!

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